Get another one! The first domestic intelligent liquid nitrogen tank has been approved and officially launched
November 16,2022 · suzhou

Recently, the liquid nitrogen storage system (BCT38C) independently developed by Basecare Medical has officially passed the approval of Jiangsu Provincial Drug Administration, becoming the first intelligent liquid nitrogen tank product in China to obtain the registration certificate of medical devices (Suwei Registration 20222221946). The intelligent liquid nitrogen tank is not only a domestic, intelligent instrument and equipment, but also an innovative product combining digital industry and traditional industry. Basecare Medical has developed from a single product to a company with multi-scenario solutions covering PGT laboratory, embryo laboratory, andrology laboratory, cryo-storage room and software laboratory in the field of assisted reproduction, building an integrated platform from detection to storage.

Equipped with digital management system, intelligent management

As an indispensable technology in the process of assisted reproduction, cryogenic cryopreservation technology has been widely used in the field of assisted reproduction. Based on the huge demand for fertility preservation, currently assisted reproduction centers need to invest a large number of long-term storage resources, which increase year by year, including storage containers, storage space, management and maintenance, etc. For a long time, more than 90% of China's high-end medical devices have been imported, and the proportion of domestic substitution is low. According to the Medical Device Classification Catalogue issued by the State Medical Products Administration in 2017, medical liquid nitrogen storage tanks need to obtain a Class II medical device registration certificate. With the increasing number of infertility and older women, the demand gap for frozen storage will continue to expand, and the market potential is huge.

Based on the shortcomings of the existing traditional aluminum liquid nitrogen tank which is difficult to store, operate and manage, Basecare Medical has developed the intelligent liquid nitrogen tank BCT series equipped with digital management system. The tank has built-in temperature sensors, a smart lid, a built-in combination lock and GPS positioning system. While maintaining the deep and low temperature storage capacity of -196°C, BaseStation system carries out continuous monitoring and real-time warning for the storage temperature and liquid level of samples, realizing the intellectualization, automation and informatization of the sample library, and meeting the staff's requirements for equipment supervision, accurate sample positioning and rapid sorting.

To promote the localization of substitution and accelerate the layout of assisted reproduction in multiple scenarios

The refrigerated storage room scenario solution is jointly created by Basecare Medical and Haier Bio, a domestic leading cryogenic storage enterprise, to construct an intelligent refrigerated storage scenario covering the whole temperature range from -196℃ to -86℃, which creates a pioneer of intelligent management and promotes the comprehensive expansion of fertility preservation related application scenarios. The solution, based on the general direction of independent research and development and domestic substitution proposed by the state, focuses on fertility preservation, bringing hope for many people to meet their reproductive needs and guarantee reproductive health. 

In October this year, the top of the Basecare Medical Industrial Base was completed, and it is expected to start production in May 2023. Basecare Medical has created an advanced production line of high-end instruments and consumables. After the completion of the industrial base, innovative products represented by intelligent liquid nitrogen tanks will enter a larger scale of high-quality production. It is expected that the annual output of liquid nitrogen tanks will reach 30,000 sets, which can achieve large-scale delivery and solve the "bottleneck" problem of reagents, consumables and instruments in the field of assisted reproduction in China. The company will also become a larger intelligent manufacturing enterprise in China.

This time, Basecare Medical intelligent liquid nitrogen tank successfully obtained the registration certificate of medical devices, marking an important step in the improvement of the frozen storage scenario solution and commercialization process, which can accelerate the realization of the whole industrial chain layout of assisted reproduction industry in the future and promote industrial upgrading. In the future, Basecare Medical hopes to develop into China's "Vitrolife", providing higher quality products for people with fertility needs and benefiting more families with infertility and genetic disease genes.