Again a journey | Basecare Medical Industry Base capping ceremony successfully held!
October 28,2022 · suzhou

On October 28th, the capping ceremony of Basecare Medical Industry Base was held ceremoniously. NiGan deputy director of the party working committee, management committee of suzhou industrial park, suzhou dushu lake science and education innovation area vice secretary of working committee, management committee, Chen li, director of suzhou industrial park, biological medicine industry development co., LTD., chairman, President jian-guo Yin, in yifeng construction group co., LTD., chairman of jian-gang zhou, guangzhou bond sheng biological technology co., LTD., chairman of Gao Xunian, Wang Rui, Executive partner of Shenzhen Qianhai Hengrui Fangyuan Investment Management Co., LTD., Liang Bo, chairman of Suzhou Basecare Medical Co., LTD., and other guests attended the capping ceremony.

In September 2021, the construction project of Basecare Medical Industry Base was officially started. We have experienced the difficulties of delaying the construction of the epidemic, overcome the influence of severe weather such as high temperature and heat, typhoon and rainstorm, and finally completed the capping of the main structure today. The industrialization process of the company has been greatly accelerated!
At the event site, Liang Bo, chairman of Basecare Medical, said after reviewing the company's 12 years of development, the next 10 years will be a golden period for high-end medical devices to be industrialized, large-scale and domestic instead of imported. Bekom will seize the opportunity, expand the industrial scale, expand the product pipeline, adhere to technological innovation to drive development, build the whole birth cycle industrial chain, and contribute to the "hard core" manufacturing in China.

A number of industry bigwigs from clinical, universities, enterprises and associations sent message videos, expressing their support and expectations for the expansion of the enterprise scale and the building of industrial clusters in Basecare Medical. BasecareMedical has strong innovation and R&D capabilities and high-quality products. We hope to continue to maintain friendly relations in the future, and carry out deeper cooperation in scientific research, achievement transformation, talent sharing and other aspects, so as to promote the development of biomedical industry.

Academician He Lin, a renowned genetic biologist and member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in a video address that he has witnessed the great development of biomedicine in Suzhou Park over the years, which can be described as fruitful. Only by relying on the excellent epidemic control and industrial development in the park can enterprises like Basecare Medical be supported to grow bigger and stronger. After the establishment of the industrial base, we hope that Basecare Medical can develop more and better products to serve the people's reproductive health, and make contributions to the national cause of eugenics and eugenics.

Ni Qian, member of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the management Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park, said that in terms of high-end medical devices, there are about 500 related enterprises in the park, among which 8 are listed companies. Many products have become the first in China or fill the gap in domestic technology. The park will adhere to the "blueprint to the end", always focus on the three key areas of new drug research and development, high-end medical devices, biotechnology and new therapies, constantly improve the policy system, talent supply, industrial ecology, and help biological pharmaceutical enterprises including Basecare Medical to accelerate the growth and blossom.

Since taking root in the park in 2010, Basecare Medical has developed from an innovative company to a leading enterprise in the field of assisted reproduction. It has built multi-scenario solutions for PGT laboratory, embryo laboratory, andrology laboratory, cryostorage room and software laboratory, and realized the whole industrial chain layout of assisted reproduction industry in the future. After the construction of the industrial base is completed, it will become the industrial base with the largest amount of monomers in the field of assisted reproduction, and its high-quality and large-scale delivery capacity will be greatly improved, which will further promote the domestic substitution in the field of assisted reproduction.

The development of Basecare Medical benefits from the support of the park government in the talent policy and the youth business environment. The park government not only does a good job in epidemic prevention and control, but also promotes the orderly resumption of work and production. The top of the Basecare Medical industry base building is also the epitome of the vigorous development of the biomedical industry in the park. We hope to make a contribution to the Party's 20th National Congress with the help of this cap. In the future, Basecare Medical will strive to become a global competitive and influential medical technology company!