A blockbuster release! Basecare Medical Wind ESG Grade A is recognized by the capital market
October 13,2022 · Suzhou

Wind, a leading financial data and analytics tool provider, recently released the results of its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings for Hong Kong stocks. With its outstanding performance in ESG, Basecare Medical -B (2170.HK) Wind ESG has an A rating and ranks 22nd in the sub-list of 181 healthcare companies, which is an industry leader.

Wind launched its Wind ESG Rating covering all A-shares in June 2021, which has received high attention and recognition from various institutions such as academia, financial institutions and regulators since its release. Wind recently officially covered all Hong Kong stocks with Wind ESG rating, providing investors with cross-market and more comprehensive ESG rating and information covering Chinese listed companies (A-shares and Hong Kong stocks).

In this round of ESG rating, Basecare Medical environmental management practices score is significantly higher than the industry average. The company has been committed to the company's goals of low energy consumption, low pollution and low emissions for many years, including specific measures such as improving the efficiency of raw material use and waste gas treatment. At present, Basecare Medical has established EHS management system, and is continuing to promote ISO14001 certification, and continue to promote waste gas, waste water and other waste reduction, reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In terms of social responsibility, Basecare Medical has been actively involved in charity activities. We have participated in the activity of "realizing the Healthy Birth Dream of 1000 families with rare diseases" initiated by China Healthy Birth and Care Association, the "Bear Child" rescue plan of Suzhou Industrial Park Charity Federation, and the "Wisdom and Sunshine Family Health" of Suzhou Park Women's Federation and other public welfare projects, practicing the corporate mission of "enabling more families to have healthy children". During the COVID-19 pandemic, Basecare Medical has donated medical supplies and organized volunteers to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work for many times, thus assuming corporate social responsibility.

In terms of corporate governance, the company has set up an ESG working group to actively promote the implementation of ESG strategies. Starting from the top-level design, the company has carried out ESG governance in a comprehensive and systematic way, and established an anti-corruption and violation monitoring committee to integrate ESG management into the daily operation of the company. Good corporate governance can effectively safeguard the interests of corporate shareholders, enhance corporate value and management responsibility.

In the future, Basecare Medical will continue to improve the ESG management system, take practical actions to fulfill social responsibility, and at the same time, ensure the company's compliance and risk management standardization, and ensure the continuous and stable development of the company's business and overall operation.