Warm congratulations on Basecare Medical being selected into the fourth batch of national specialized and new "small giant" enterprises
August 9,2022 · suzhou

Basecare Medical was selected into the listof the fourth batch of national specialized and new "small giant"enterprises. "Specialized, special and new" small giant refers to theoutstanding enterprise with the four capabilities of specialization,refinement, characteristics and innovation. It is the most authoritative andhighest level honorary title in the evaluation of small and medium-sizedenterprises in China.

Strengthen technological innovation

Basecare Medical has always adhered to theconcept of "making products". Its self-developed pgt-a kit is thefirst class III medical device product in China to obtain the "specialapproval for innovative medical devices", and participated in the draftingof the industry quality control evaluation guide, filling the clinical gap ofthe third generation test tube gene detection kit in China. The pgt-m andpgt-sr detection kits have participated in the key projects of the national keyR & D program during the 14th Five Year Plan period, realizing thelocalization and replacement of the "neck sticking" technology: pgt-mkit is the first domestic genetic disease blocking detection kit for preimplantation families that has completed registration and verification, and canhelp families carrying thalassemia genes to have healthy children (the carrierrate of thalassemia genes in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan regions can reach24.5%). The project has been tested in the Third Affiliated Hospital ofGuangzhou Medical University, the First Affiliated Hospital of Hainan MedicalCollege, Liuzhou maternal and child health hospital, and the Sixth AffiliatedHospital of Sun Yat sen University; The pgt-sr kit, through the retseq #genome-wide genotyping detection technology independently developed, hasrealized the effective detection of chromosome balance heterotopic on the high-throughputsequencing platform for the first time in the world, and won the silver prizeof "the second medical science and technology innovation competition -reproductive health special session". The core technology has been grantedthe patent technology license for invention in China (Patent No.:202011094180.6).

Make the whole product chain layout

After 12 years of development, Basecare Medicalhas built a full scene product pipeline in the field of assisted reproductionaround embryo laboratory, PGD laboratory, andrology laboratory, cryostorageroom and management software, laying out the localization capability of thewhole industrial chain of assisted reproduction in the future and filling theindustry gap. Driven by dual core R & D, the company not only invested 120million yuan in R & D and 194 R & D technicians, but also expanded itsproduct pipeline through industrial integration, M & A and technologylicensing. Last year, Basecare Medical purchased Xingbo biological Co., Ltd.(one of the first companies to develop male DFI testing, and won the secondprize of China National Science and Technology Progress Award), expanding theindustrial chain from embryo laboratory to male laboratory. Including theintegrated high-throughput sequencing PGT detection kit, the automated da500high-throughput sequencer, the bka210 sperm quality analyzer for automatednon-invasive detection of live sperm, the flow cytometer equipped with the newgeneration DFI detection system, and the bct38 intelligent liquid nitrogen tankwhich is expected to obtain the registration certificate this year. Theseinnovative products have built an integrated platform from detection tostorage, and realized the localization, automation and intelligent laboratoryupgrading for the reproductive center, To empower eugenics of clinical testtube babies.

Expand the industrial scale

After Basecare Medical was listed, itreceived the industrialization support of Suzhou City and Suzhou IndustrialPark Management Committee. The production base with a total area of 71850square meters was officially laid in 2021. It will build a large-scaleproduction base of upstream reagents, consumables and instruments around thefield of assisted reproduction. Last year, the innovation and transformationbase of "national assisted reproduction and eugenics engineeringtechnology research center" was settled in Suzhou, which furtheraccelerated the transformation of national scientific and technological achievements and realized the localization substitution and large-scaledelivery of upstream products in assisted reproduction.

This shortlisting of the fourth batch ofnational specialized and new "small giant" enterprises is recognitionof Basecare Medical in terms of technological innovation, product chain layoutand industrial scale. In the process of development, Basecare Medical attachesgreat importance to the introduction and development of talents. As the"post doctoral innovation practice base of Jiangsu Province", thegoal of Basecare Medical is to create a first-class training platform forscientific research and innovation talents. In the future, Basecare Medicalwill continue to adhere to innovation driven development, build a manufacturingpeak enterprise, and constantly strive to become a global leading medicaltechnology company.