Bidirectional empowerment,Basecare Medical and Jiahui hospital build a joint laboratory of assisted reproduction
July 26, 2022 ·

On July 26, 2022, Suzhou Basecare MedicalCo., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Basecare Medical") and HunanJiahui genetic hospital (hereinafter referred to as "Jiahuihospital") held a strategic cooperation launch ceremony. Professor Xue Zhigang,President of Hunan Jiahui genetic hospital, and Dr. Liang Bo, founder of BasecareMedical, attended the event. Based on the industrial advantages of Basecare Medicalas the first IVD industry listed company in the field of assisted reproduction,combined with the nearly 60 years of genetic research experience andachievements of Jiahui hospital, the two sides will jointly build a jointlaboratory of assisted reproduction. After completion, the two sides will carryout cooperation around pre pregnancy and assisted reproduction, and form closeties with national medical institutions with the support of Jiahui hospital andits medical consortium network, build an innovative platform for birth defectprevention and control covering the whole country.

This cooperation is the bidirectionalempowerment of Basecare Medical and Jiahui hospital. By providing completesolutions of kits, instruments and equipment, Basecare Medical expanded theapplication scenarios of products in the field of assisted reproduction forJiahui hospital, and better served the majority of infertile and eugenicpatients; Relying on the nationwide medical consortium network platform,genetic disease diagnosis center and prenatal diagnosis center, Jiahui hospitalwill further expand the domestic business coverage for Basecare Medical, bringcustomer traffic, and play a very big role in promoting the sales business.

About Jiahui hospital

Hunan Jiahui genetic hospital is a specialhospital integrating genetic disease screening and diagnosis, prenataldiagnosis and treatment. It was founded by Xia Jiahui, a famous human andmedical geneticist in China, the pioneer of modern human and medical genetics,the founder of "clinical genetics" and the founder of "ChinaNational Key Laboratory of medical genetics". It is a nationaldemonstration center for the application of genetic testing technology Thenational standardized training base for clinical genetics residents is agenetic hospital combining "medicine, education and research". It isone of the earliest specialized hospitals in China to carry out geneticcounseling, and its professional level has been widely recognized by industryexperts and peers.

About Basecare Medical

Basecare Medical is the first IVD industrylisted company in the field of assisted reproduction in China. It is committedto the product research and development and clinical application ofhigh-throughput sequencing technology in the field of reproductive health. Ithas the R & D and manufacturing capacity of advanced domestic instruments,reagents and consumables in the field of assisted reproduction and a strongindustrialization platform, and adheres to the localization developmentstrategy, It has provided an integrated equipment platform solution fromdetection to storage for many assisted reproduction centers, helped thereproduction center laboratories achieve a comprehensive hardware upgrade ofstandardization, automation and intelligence, and accumulated a large number oftalents and experience through years of assisting in the construction ofmolecular genetic