Good News: Basecare approved to establish a “Post-doctoral Innovative Practical Base of Jiangsu Province”
January 13, 2022 · Suzhou

Recently, the Human Resource and Social Security Department of JiangsuProvince has issued the “List of Post-doctoral Innovative Practical Bases Approved in 2021”. After the strict review by governmental departments and expert teams, Suzhou Basecare Medical Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Basecare”) was approved to set up a “Post-doctoral Innovative Practical Base of Jiangsu Province”, which has smoothly passed the publicity period. The post-doctoral innovative practice base is an important carrier for cultivating and attracting high-level innovative talents and an important agenda and an effective way to implement the strategy of developing a city with talents and gather high-level innovative young talents.

On the central meeting on human resource, it was pointed out that we should“arouse the enthusiasm of colleges and enterprises and achieve a deep integration of industry, academy and research”, and “build entrepreneurial platforms for various talents to encourage them to pursue a successful career”.Basecare has always been having technical innovation as the company’s core driving force, and paying attention to the gathering and cultivation of scientific talents. Basecare plans to introduce in two to three academicianteams, establish a global top-class KOL scientific consultant committee and build a national first-class technical innovation platform, a bridge for the integration of industry, academy and research.

For Basecare, winning the approval to establish the “post-doctoralinnovative practical base of Jiangsu Province” indicates high recognition to the company’s comprehensive strength, scientific innovation capacity,industrial linkage capacity and talent gathering capacity, which helps promote the company’s reserve of scientific innovation and technical talents in the field of reproductive genetic testing kit, promotes the independent and controllable industrial innovation and further enhances the company’s brand publicity and quality development.

In the future, the “post-doctoral innovative practical base of Jiangsu Province” of Basecare will continue to be people-oriented and introduce and cultivate post-doctoral researchers with innovative spirit and R&D capability under the guidance of the HR and Social Security Administration of Jiangsu Province, strive to provide first-class internal and external tutor resources,to boost business development with scientific innovation, to build the post-doctoral base into a platform for the flowing and growth of talents, and to achieve mutual development of post-doctoral talents and enterprises.

Approved by the HR and Social Security Administration of Jiangsu Province,the Post-doctoral Innovative Practical Base aims to promote in-depth integration of government, industry, academy and research through collaborative innovation of colleges, scientific research institutes and enterprises and build smooth channels for the flowing of talents and wisdom among enterprises, public institutions, colleges and research institutes, to promote independent innovation capacity of enterprises, the integration of industry, academy and research, the commercialization of scientific research achievements and the rapid development of enterprises and public institutions, and to cultivatehigh-level innovative young talents with innovative spirit and international competitiveness for enterprise development and build a service platform for the young talents to grow faster and play their roles better.